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Name: Freelancer AI Sigma

Canon: Red vs. Blue

Original or Alternate Universe: Original

Canon Point: Season 10 - Episode 17, having just had Meta throw Carolina off the cliff

Number: Randomiz, please :)

Setting: Based on Halo Canon, the Red vs. Blue universe exists in our hypothetical future; in the 26th century, mankind has expanded to colonize numerous planets and systems throughout the galaxy. The United Nations Space Command is stretched thin trying to police the various colonies, and a rising insurrection is threatening the stability of the government.

Additionally, about a decade into the war with the insurrection, humanity made first contact when it was targeted by a group of aliens called the ‘Covenant’ who were systematically destroying human colony worlds because humans were considered blasphemous to their religion.

The UNSC struggled on both of these fronts, and with the superior numbers and technology of the Covenant, humanity’s outlook wasn’t good. Several military projects - some sanctioned by the UNSC and the Office of Navel Intelligence, others not - started springing up to try and find the ‘magic bullet’ to end the war.

One of these was Project Freelancer, headed by Director Leonard Church. He employed elite soldiers and equipped them with power armor variants and enhancements. The project was experimental, and the enhancements were more reliably run if they had an AI to integrate between the armor and the soldier.

The AIs of this universe are broken into two categories, called simply Smart and Dumb AIs. Dumb AIs are programmed for a specific task, and for that task they are phenomenally efficient and intelligent, however they do not learn or expand outside of those bonds. Smart AI are created through tracking the neurological pathways within an existing human brain and creating an AI matrix. These AIs grow and learn and respond with a more human approach, such as making hunches based on gut reactions. A single Smart AI can oversee an entire planet, navigate a spaceship through normal space as well as slips-pace, and update on networks in far corners of the galaxy simultaneously. This all comes with a downside, however, as the price of evolving thought means that the Smart AIs eventually wind up ‘thinking’ themselves to death, and effectively go rampant after an operational life of seven years.

Both Smart and Dumb AIs share the same ability to create their own visual projection. Imagine what you would look like if your personality were the only thing responsible for your visual appearance.


Dr. Leonard Church was only able to procure one Smart AI for his project - named Alpha - that was created using a flash-cloned copy of his own brain. From there, he discovered he could subject the Alpha to torture and stress to a point where it would fragment and split, and then Church harvested these fragments and used them as the AIs for his soldiers. These fragments operated more similarly to a Dumb AI, each centered around a raw core emotion or ideology. Creativity, Deceit, Logic, Empathy, Rage, and even Memories, were represented, and followed a pattern of decreasing ability; some of the first AI fragments possessed strengths and abilities that waned with the further fragmentation (example given; Omega, 'Rage',who could jump agents via their radio headsets, and gave his agent incredible strength, versus Theta, 'Empathy' who liked to skateboard). While the soldiers were aware their AIs were 'fragments' they were never told their origin. The AIs themselves were manipulated during the fragmentation process into forgetting the real importance of the Alpha, although if more than one of them were allowed to interact, the conversation would invariably turn to speculation on the 'legendary' Alpha AI (of which their Agents were also uninformed).

Sigma was one of the first - and therefore more powerful - AIs to fragment from the Alpha. He was the embodiment of Creativity and Ambition, and was initially assigned to Agent Carolina. She decided to give him to Maine instead, explaining her reasoning as Maine needing Sigma to communicate since he’d taken half a dozen bullets to the neck and was unable to talk.

Sigma and Maine first showed up in action when the Freelancers attached the Rebels on long-shore, where York questioned the decision to let Maine fight so soon after his injury, and Sigma broke protocol to talk to Delta about AI solidarity. They were able to turn the tide of the battle to the Freelancer’s advantage, take out the hostiles, and allow York, Wyoming, and Carolina into the structure proper.

During a lesson about AI maintenance that the Agents and their AIs had to attend, Sigma became obsessed with the concept of Metastbility; when a Smart AI reaches the end of their effectual lifetime, they go rampant. The stages are Melancholia, Anger, Jealousy, and finally Metastability - the theoretical stage where an AI is considered fully human. The Director warns Sigma that, since they are only Fragments, they are not likely in danger of rampancy (and, therefore, Metastability).

As the project continued, Maine started experiencing severe headaches (likely migraines), as a side-effect of Sigma’s implantation. This might even have been the starting of Sigma taking over. Sigma and Gamma talk Carolina into requesting an AI, letting her know that Texas had the AI Omega (when she was leading people to believe she didn’t have an AI at all), and Carolina demands the two that were up for field testing - Eta and Iota. When Tex had gone rogue, Wyoming is attacked and Gamma almost removed. Everyone assumes it’s Texas but in reality it was Maine being coerced or overtaken by Sigma in order to collect the other AIs to achieve Metastability.

As the project begins to break down, Texas (with the help of York and later North), breaks into the Mother of Invention in order to steal the Alpha AI. In an attempt to distract the rest of the ship, York programs it to fire on itself, and as a result it crashes planet-side in the arctic. Carolina, who’d been fighting Texas, is thrown from the ship and injured to a point that Maine - now referred to as Meta by Sigma and entirely under Sigma’s control - overpowers her and literally rips Eta and Iota from her head in order to implant into Maine and begin his mission to rejoin the AI fragements.

Personality: Sigma is the embodiment of Creativity and Ambition. As such, he's got a passionate, obsessive intensity towards anything that catches his attention. Any obstacle can be overcome by creative solutions. Never mind about ethics or morals; the end goal is worth whatever it takes to get there.

He has little concern for others personal space or sensibilities, his holographic form appearing without warning, and laying a hand on Delta's shoulder at one point. He challenges the Director during the lesson on Metastability, trying to force him to admit, while unlikely, it was still possible for a fragment to reach Metastability. He looks for the loopholes and any opportunities he can take within a given situation, and all at his own personal gain with no regards to anyone else. The other AIs, as well as the Agents; he considers them all tools, means to an end. Telling Delta 'We AIs need to stick together' is less an actual call for friendship, but the pull for Metastability, and his and Gamma's pep talk with Carolina was more about getting her to implant with another AI they could manipulate then helping her reach the top of the board again.

He literally transforms Maine from a free-thinking, independent partner to a vessel, a shell within which to house the collection of AIs, dropping his name completely and re-branding the entity as Meta.

He's blatantly curious, but he can be shrewd and subtle. While he made his interest in Metastability known, his deeper desires to reconnect the other AIs isn't overtly spoken of. This may be one reason why he needed Gamma - the embodiment of Deceit - to assist in his conversation with Carolina, to ensure that she didn't catch on to his ulterior motives.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:

Inventory: None.

Appearance: Average height, lean build, brown hair, intense eyes. I'll be using Elijah Wood, his voice actor, as his play-by

Age: A couple months, apparent age mid twenties.

AU Clarification: While he's an AI within Red vs. Blue canon, he's being transformed fully human for his time on the Tranquility.


Log Sample: One can observe people walking, running, fighting, all they want; one can even experience movement from the inside, and influence it in one direction or another. However, actually walking, when you're normally a being of pure code and thought processes, it becomes an entire obstacle in and of itself.

Sigma isn't intimidated by such challenges, and can currently be found in one of the passages between the living quarters and the galley, helping himself along one step at a time through the halls. He quietly calculates his balance, center of gravity, and forward momentum, in order to continue his intended trajectory towards lunch.

He is a quick learner, and by the time he reaches the mess hall he is sauntering with confidence and a pleased smirk.

"That wasn't so difficult." Admittedly, lusting over wanting to be considered fully human and finding himself suddenly fully human hadn't exactly given him the sense of satisfaction he'd been looking for, but it was still a very exhilarating sensation to be able to move around on his own accord, to feel the cool air of the hallway and listen to the sound of his footsteps, as something other than interpretation of code picked up from external sensors.

Comms Sample: Attention. It has come to my attention that there are more formerly-AI brethren aboard this vessel. Allow me to introduce myself; I am Project Freelancer AI-unit Sigma. I do not believe my assignee - Agent Maine - is present, but as I am no longer confined to a chip I do not foresee a problem with his absence.

[He missed the brute force it afforded him, but he knew there were other ways to get into mischief and creatively bend a situation to his needs.]

I am curious what other circumstances we of cybernetic origins come from. I am certain each experience is unique and ... fascinating. Tell me more about yourselves, and the worlds you come from.


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